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Lamp Hats, LLC

Deer Lamp Shade

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Deer ! This gorgeous buck has spotted you . Fleeting moments will end ! This shade has done exceptionally well over the years . The composition is great with added creatures spread around for flavor.

  PLEASE : watch the video. It's about 15 to 20 seconds long and worth a 1000 pictures

   We use a heavyweight recycled paper and metal rings to produce our shades. We do NOT use any Plastics or chemical adhesives . THINK GREEN ! You can see in the pictures that the shades have small cuts made into them to add highlights ( watch video ) and to give some depth to the artwork.

  My family has made cut and pierce lampshades for over 4 decades. We have done many craft shows and fairs over the years . We now feel comfortable offering our product to you nationally through the website.  I believe you will find out prices a bit higher than plain shades but much cheaper than other cut and pierce shade if you find them . 

3x5 only use 3 inch candelabra Clip Top.

4x8 only use Clip Top.

5x12 usable in Clip Top, Washer Top, Uno/Threaded, and Oil/Chimney Top.

9x15 only use Washer Top.  

If you have any questions please don' t hesitate to ask.