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Lamp Hats, LLC

4" Oak Figurine base

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  I have high hopes for this base . I started selling these just last year . We do have a 3" wood base not designed for a figure if that's what you prefer.  This base is made to display a figurines and have a matching shade making a great accent piece . You will see some examples in the pictures . The figures can be made permanent with a little super glue but double sided tape will hold if it needs to be held in place ( silly cats ). I will eventually get all the figurines I have listed on here but any roughly 4" figure would work .                  

For some perspective : The elephant is 4" long 3" tall , Pelican and Lighthouse 3" tall.      The figures are a cold resin You can a closer look at each figurine in the figure collection . 

   The base with a 3x5 shade on it will stand 10.5" tall with the 5" bottom of the shade being the widest point. These use a candelabra bulb . I have always recommended not going over 25 watts on this little shade.

The cord is 6' long and has a wheel switch locate about 14" from base.

Please : If you have any questions , just ask.