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Lamp Hats, LLC

Jelly Jar Lamp Base

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  This little guy has been a mainstay for our 3x5 collection for over 30 years . One of our longest standing lamp base products . These bases are drilled at the bottom back so the cord can be hidden inside once filled.

   We do have adapters available with no drilling needed if you have your own jars  . I will continue carrying the drilled versions for a time but believe I will end and just use the adapters myself. We also carry adapters with an Edison socket for the bigger jars ( quart , gallon, half gallon) and oil lamp adapters.

The base with a 3x5 shade on it will stand 10" tall with the 5" bottom of the shade being the widest point. These use a candelabra bulb . I have always recommended not going over 25 watts on this little shade.

The cord is 6' long and has a wheel switch locate about 14" from base.

Please : If you have any questions , just ask.