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Lamp Hats, LLC

3x5 Apple Shade

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With or Without meatal rings

This is the 3" top 5" bottom by 4.5" side version of our Apples shade.

PLEASE : watch video to see how shades with no metal rings work.

   We use a heavyweight recycled paper and metal rings to produce our shades. We do NOT use any Plastics or chemical adhesives . THINK GREEN ! You can see in the pictures that the shades have small cuts made into them to add highlights and to give some depth to the artwork. . The top ring is a candelabra clip top which just clips onto a 3" flame tip shaped bulb.

If you have watched the video you will see that I have added a new way to purchase this size shade . The original way , with a liner and rings will always be available . The second way that incorporates a white frame that acts as the rings and liner. This allows you to get multiple designs cheaper.

         My pros and cons of each:

WITH: metal rings
Pros: more light gets through, can be displayed separately from others,
Cons: Cost per shade is more, no access to cut work

WITHOUT: metal rings:
Pros: cost per design is cheaper, access to the inside of shade( gently reshape the cut work)
Cons: less light gets through( the frame is denser than the liner)

These shades are 3"x5"s with 4.5" side. If you have shades ( frames) in this size you can use them with these. Must be white to work .

If you have any questions please don' t hesitate to ask.